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Trademark Renewal

A Registered Trademark Brand name get expired in 10 years from the issuance date the same can be renewed for further existence. Aanoorglobal helps to file your application of trademark renewal to extend the rights of your trademarks for the next coming years at an affordable rate.

Trademark Renewal


  • Form TM-12.
  • Government Fees.
  • Brand Name Security.

trademark-renewalWhat is Trademark Renewal?

A registered trademark in India can be made permanent if you file a trademark renewal application offline or online by paying a renewal fee for every ten years. The application needs to be filled before or on six months from the registration expiry date. The trademark Renewal is useful in India enable you to keep your trademark permanent and perpetual as there are no rights on how many years and times you wish to keep the status of your brands registered and active.


Documents Required for Renewal trademark logo

  • Proof of Applicant.
  • ™ Certificate.
  • Power of Attorney.
  • Copy of ™-A.

Important aspects in Trademark Renewal

  • Protection period 10 years.
  • Renewal deadline 6 months before expiration.
  • Late renewal 12 months after expiration.

trademark-renewalAdvantages of Trademark registration renewal

  • Extension of Ownership rights: Once can get the protection from powers for infringement over the brand name. The rights over the trademark registration renewal are extended for an additional ten years after every renewal. It offers permanent brand protection and goodwill created by the logo.
  • Monetary Returns: A trademark creditor has the full rights to license or assign the mark to someone else in returning of little monetary compensation. Thus, it’s easy to make a profit from the trademark registration renewal.
  • Protection from Frivolous Litigation: It is possible to have excellent protection for a trademark without any changes in litigation. The trademarks renewal makes it impossible for anyone to receive the right over others when compared with the trademark owner.
  • Brand Name Security: The renewal of trademark promises unhindered and continuous protection of the brand name. The failure of renewal leads to legal protection lapse in the name of the brand.

How to renew your Trademark Registration?

Follow the below few steps to trademark application renewal. Renewal of trademark registration Procedure done at Aanoor Global by Expertise Team.

Follow Quick Process

Fill our simple online questionnaire form, share the relevant documents with us and make payment through our protected gateways. Discussion regarding the necessary information and gathering it, offer needed documents for renewal services for trademarks.

Filing of Form TM-12

Our professional team to help you in this to complete. Assigned relationship manager, consultation upon the renewal, offer ™ registration certificate and Application No, Filing and preparation of the application.

Trademark Renewal Application

Online Filing ™ renewal application and sharing the acknowledgement. Your trademark is renewed, it just it takes 3 to 5 days.

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