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Trademark Registration

Do you want to protect your name or brand or slogan or whatever considers it as an intellectual property. Here you are at Aanoorglobal can go for Trademark Registration online helps to protect the brand and establish ownership of an entity. Make online trademark registration simple with affordable rate.

Logo Trademark Registration


  • Form TM-A
  • Power of Attorney Copy
  • User Affidavit Copy
  • Government Fees
  • TM Search Report and Consultation

trademark-registrationWhat is Logo Trademark Registration?

Trademark is significant for any brand or business in India. If you are a business who needs to secure your logo and brand name of the company, then you should make use of the online application for a trademark to make trademark logo registration in India. It provides the security of logo and brand name in their respective trademark class. There are about 45 logo trademark registration classes when you can register your logo and brand in the field type.


What can be trademarked?

Any business or person claiming to be owner can apply for logo trademark, and this includes company, society, individual, and proprietor. It is good to apply for a trademark as a single person. If you change or close the business as a company or proprietor, then your logo trademark is considered to be invalid. If you are an individual, there is no chance for any problem to arise.


Benefits of Trademark Registration Online

  • Unique identity.
  • Goodwill or Trust.
  • Creation of Asset.
  • Legal Protection.
  • Helps to popularize your brand and logo.

Different Trademark Symbols

Filing of applications for trademark have different symbols where it can be applicable based on industry nature as well. At the end of the day registered applications will use the symbol R

™ Symbol

It can be used with the brand name until your application is in pending status and trademark is not registered. This means the claim may or may not be valid based on trademark registration result.

SM symbol

One type of trademark that service mark but it recognizes and establish the service source rather than a product. E.g., you will use SM for a service like housekeeping and ™ for a product.

R Symbol

It only suitable for your brand when the registration certificate is issued by the registrar of trademark and the mark is being registered.

How to register a Trademark and Logo Registration?

Any of the unique name or slogan with logo can be filed with specific class the trademark registration procedure is made easy with Aanoor Global!

Apply for Trademark Registration fill our Form

You need to complete our simple online logo trademark application form and also submit the required documents to us. Here you can share your complete details such as name of brand, object or trade description with user date to prepare necessary drafts.

Check your trademark search

The trademark search is executed by experts to ensure that the brand name and logo name filed is available or not trademark registry. It gives complete observation about your brand application and takes just one working day..

Choose the appropriate class for best trademark Registration Company

Based on the business whether products/service nature, we suggest a few specific classes from the 45 classes, and this also takes one day.

Trademark application filing

We create your trademark temporary application of logo or word mark. The same will get confirm from client by mail. Based on confirmation Trademark application filed with Govt. fee in three days and get back to you with your ™ number.

Trademark Registration Online

Once you receive your ™ number, your trademark is registered if there are no objections of the competitor to your applications of the brand.

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