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Trademark Objection Reply

While Trademark application is in the process of registration trademark examiner can raise an objection at initial stage. This may contain several stages in trademark registration flow. Aanoor Global provides a secure method for Trademark Objection Reply at an affordable rate.

Objection reply for Trademark package


  • Object drafting.
  • Reply Filing.
  • MIS-R Report.
  • Brand Reply Consultation.

What is Trademark Objection Reply?

Trademark registration is protecting your intellectual property under which a visual symbol or word used by a company to establish its services or goods from other identical services or excellent origination from various businesses can be protected.


Benefits of Trademark objection reply:

  • It offers your brand a distinct identity as trademarks indicate your company that helps you to stand top among others.
  • It offers your brand unique protection.
  • You need to be well prepared before you get any trademark objection reply from the department. You also need to have proof that will prove which your trademarks do not have anything to do with the logo of another person or with the actual word.

What is the Procedure for Trademark Objection-Reply?

At Aanoor Global, we help you draft and file a reply to your objection of the trademark that is raised by the examiner of trademark through our professionals.


Complete online requirement form

You need to provide your complete details in an online form that is in the format of the questionnaire. Our team will collect supporting documents for the brand such as promotional proofs, business proof and other details.


Objection draft Submission

We will draft the objections and the same will be confirmed from the client side. After the confirmation the draft documents with relevant proofs for business will be filed with the trademark registrar.

MIS-R Acknowledgement

MIS-R Acknowledgement

After the submission of objection draft you will get an MIS-R Acknowledgement as an evidence for us.

Essential-objectionEssential facts you need to know about Trademark Objection

  • The applicant needs to file a trademark with a similar trademark registrar in the specified format if they need to register a trademark. The registrar of the trademark processes the application and provides an examination report to the application on the file the trademark application. The trademark examiner could raise an objection, or the report could enable for the trademark application to be advertised before the registration among the outcomes.
  • A brand can be objected because of a unique name, the likelihood of the descriptive name, prohibited name, confusion, and deceptive design or detrimental to the current trademark.
  • The trademark examiner objects the trademark, and the trademark registry appoints the trademark examiner, and they are also authorized with the examination duty of trademark applications.
  • The trademark examination report is a report provided the trademark examiners who are concealing the reasons, facts, and grounds as to why the trademark application is objected.
  • The reply to the trademark objection needs to be submitted before the trademark office. If you are not doing so, it will result in application rejection.
  • The time limit of objection reply is within 30 days from the examination report receipt data which contains the trademark objection ground.
  • The trademark journal is an official gazette of the registries trademark. If the examiner is okay with the trademark objection reply, the trademark will be advertised in the trademark journal.

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