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TAN Registration

TAN Registration

TAN Registration is mandatory for making tax collection or tax deduction at source, issuance and remittance of TDS Payment and Certificates. Aanoor Global provides TAN registration at an affordable rate.

What is included in our pan card application online package?


  • Same day filing.
  • Drafting applications.
  • Government Fees.
  • Acknowledgement.

What is TAN Registration?

Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number is a ten-digit alphanumeric number which is mandatory to be cited on all TDS returns, and this is needed under the act of 1991 income tax under section 203A. The TAN number has been obtained by all who are in charge of gathering and deducting fees. The TDS (Tax deducted at source) provides the guarantee which the collection of income tax is proposed as well as the obligation about paying tax is expanded.

The PAN Card provided is valid for a whole lifetime, and this is required for everyone who makes financial transactions. It is an ideal ten-digit alphanumeric identity provided by the Income-tax department.

How to utilize a TAN Number?

  • TAN is used for deductions like intrigue, salary, profit etc.
  • It auto-catches individual finish address who deducts tax in the IT office interest. It additionally catches the Income Tax.Department with Postal Index Number.
  • It can be used for challans, certificates, and returns.

Few Important factors you need to know about TAN Registration:

  • Concept:The TAN is the unique alphanumeric code which is necessary for the people who need to deduct tax at TDS or source.
  • Pan Card Issue: The NSDL has been provided with the power to provide the PAN card by the Income Tax Department under the CBDT supervision of TAN Card and on behalf of the IT department.
  • The business entity or the individual who is supposed to deduct the TDS and file the TDS returns are essential to apply TAN.
  • TAN Card Validity: It’s valid for a lifetime, and the generation of TAN Card is also a one-time process.
  • The people who need to acquire the TAN number needs to file TAN Application for Section 49B.

Advantages of TAN Number:

  • The status of booking gets captured while filing TDS return by using TAN. It enables the deduction to track the return is matched with the statement of TDS that is filed.
  • The various branches of a company can easily make TAN application online for an individual TAN for the respective division or office.
  • The complete pin code and address of the deductee get listed as provided in the Income-tax department while filing TDS return.
  • The TAN can also made use for generating TDS/TCS certificates and payment challans.

TAN Card Registration Process:

The first step you need to do is to fill the simple form and upload the necessary documents required for Online TAN registration on our website.

The next step is to choose the right package and then pay online with different payment options available.

Your applications will be assigned to our experts while you place the order.

Our expert team will fill the application and submit the application of TAN form 49B.

You will get a unique 15 digits as an acknowledged receipt number will be provided to you.

The TAN allotment letter needs to be delivered to you within a few days.