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Sole Proprietorship Registration

Aanoorglobal team can complete your Registration of Sole Proprietorship Company in 1 day provided all the required document support done from the customer end. Most of the Small business in India is Sole Proprietorships.

Sole Proprietorship Registration


  • Udyog Aadhaar Registration Certificate
  • Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum
  • GST Registration Certificate
  • TAN/TDS Registration

comencement What is a Sole Proprietorship Registration?

Sole Proprietorship firms are the most common business types in India. Most of the entrepreneurs choose Proprietorship most of them when they are starting as a single person. It is one of the individual person firm registrations, and the main objective of the Sole Proprietorship is that you need to open a current bank account on the business name with less cost and compliance. A sole Proprietorship needs at least two legal entity proofs to open the existing bank account.

A single Proprietor manages the entire company and also takes care of every transaction made in the industry. Udyog Aadhaar Registration or GST Registration recognizes Proprietorship. It has some shortcomings like no continuous existence and unlimited liability of the proprietor.


Benefits of Sole Proprietorship formation

  • One person required as a Single Entrepreneur.
  • Easy to start as well close with fewer formalities.
  • Lower cost of compliance and formation.
  • Single owner of the business with Complete control.
  • The Proprietorship who has less than Rs 2 Lakhs of income is not required to pay income tax.

Documents required for Sole Proprietorship Registration Online

  • Applicant’s KYC ( Copy of Aadhaar card and Pan card).
  • The Applicant’s firm address proof (Rental or lease deed or Sale deed with NOC copies).
  • The Applicant’s firm address proof (Gas, phone, water or electricity bill copies).
  • The Applicant’s passport size photograph.
  • The bank statement, passbook front page or personal bank account details.

Sole Proprietorship firms Registration Process

The registration of Sole Proprietorship is made easy by processing necessary application online with right authority through Aanoorglobal.


Complete Proprietorship Registration Online form

Basic Information Requirement Document (BIRD) which includes basic details such as name of the entity and addresses details, other relevant information. You need to fill your details in our simple form online and submit the documents required.


Documents Verification For Udyog Aadhar Registration

Our experts will collect all the required document proofs and verify the same and further details of it will be shared with you. Name and objects along with other supporting documents are finalized at this stage to process registration of an entity.


Document submission for MSME Registration

Our professional creates all the needed documents and then files them with the right authority either by the way of Udyog Aadhaar Registration or GST portal or both Registrations for New businesses whichever based on client requirement.


Incorporation certification for Proprietorship Registration

Once the authority verifies everything, you will be provided with a Sole Proprietorship firm’s incorporation certificate (Udyog Aadhaar Registration, GST Certificate), which means you have your own entity registered with Government authority.


Commencement of Business

To manage monetary transactions of a business you can go for bank account opening with the available registration certificates. Here you have started doing business of your company.