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ROC Annual Compliance

ROC Annual Compliance

ROC Compliance and ROC filing is made with Return filing Online annually with an affordable rate for small business through Aanoor Global.

What is included in our ROC Annual Compliances Package


  • Board Report.
  • Statutory Register Update
  • Annual Filing and its documentation.
  • Compliance by director
  • Annual Report
  • Drafting of notices

What is ROC Annual Compliance?

Registrar of Companies is an office that runs under the Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs which deals with the administration of the 2013 companies Act. ROC also covers the union territories and various states with the LLPS floating the particular states and the Union provinces under the section 609 company’s act. It also ensures that the LLPs and companies comply with the statutory requirements under section 609 act. The ROC functions office acts as the registry record that is related to the business that is registered with them, and this is available for several public inspections on payment of the prescribed fees.

There is presently 22 company registrar operating from different offices in various Indian states. We do have a professional team who guide through all the ROC compliance for private limited companies which is done quickly through Aanoor Global.

Documents required with the ROC every year:

  • Incorporation Certificate
  • AOA/MOA of the company

Form MGT-7- Annual Return:

  • Share, Debentures, shareholder pattern, and other securities.
  • Promoters, key managerial personnel, directors along with changes.
  • Critical managerial personnel and director’s remuneration.
  • Certification of compliances matters
  • Registered office details of the organization, associate companies, principles business activities, and in particular of its holdings.
  • Indebtedness.
  • Members meeting.
  • A shareholding pattern of the company.

Form AOC-4 – Financial Statements & Other Documents:

  • The financial statements and other related attachments are filed by every company using the Form AOC-4 every year. If the company’s financial statements are not adopted in an annual general meeting and these case, unadopted financial statements need to be filed within 30 days of the AGM date.
  • In the case of financial statement adoption by the company, the adopted financial statements should be filed within 20 days of AGM Date. The company also is required to revive the board report or financial statements.

Form AOC-4 – Financial Statements & Other Documents:

  • Remind you on time
  • Fully integrated services with MCA
  • Real-time validation
  • Auto Master Data Verification
  • In-built option to import excels files.
  • Simple and transparent pricing
  • Smart and flexible.
  • Easy, intuitive interface
  • Cloud method of updations
  • Report generation in Excel, Word, and PDF formats.

Annual ROC Returns Fling Procedure:

Fill our simple form:

You should fill the necessary details in our questionnaire format form and also submit the needed documents.

Document Submission:

All documents that are required as stated above should be submitted, and we will check and take care of the remaining work to file ROC compliance.

Document Verification:

Our professionals prepare all the needed documents, forms, and returns and then verified.

Filing the form:

We check for the files and form, present them and return which are needed with the ROC and then update your records correctly.