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Professional Tax Registration

Online Professional Tax Registration

Professional Tax Return Filing is one of the state-level taxes which is applicable for salaried professionals and employees, including doctors, lawyers, and chartered accountants. Professional tax in Tamilnadu on every type of trade, employment, and profession depends on the income of such trade, work, and business.

It is imposed on person and employees who carry a business including professionals, freelancers, etc subject to income outstripping the economic threshold if any.

What is a Professional Tax Registration?

Only the parliament has rights to make laws with union list that include income taxes based on the Article 246 constitution of India. The state has full power to make laws based on the state list and concurrent list. The state government provides these professional taxes and is also empowered to form rules based on Article 276, which deals with tax on trades, employments, callings, and professions.

Professional tax can be deducted from taxable income as well as it is the deductible amount for the need of Income tax act 1961.

What are the Documents required for Professional Tax Registration?

Proceed below to find out the document you need while registering professional tax online or offline.

  • PAN Card of LLP/Company which is attested by the director of the company.
  • Company’s bank account including canceled cheque and bank statement.
  • The statement of consent by the partners or Board Resolution.
  • Attendance Register and Salary Register.
  • Incorporation professional tax registration certificate including AOA & MOA and LLP Agreement.
  • Business place proof along with the premises owner’s NOC.
  • Address, identity proof from all company directors, passport size photographs.
  • Establishment and Shop certificate.

Professional Tax Applicability & Features:

Professional tax is imposed on all type of professions and trades in India. Every staff members of the private firm should pay the professional tax compulsorily in Tamilnadu. The recurrence of professional tax return filing should be done, but it varies based on the state you live.


Firm, HUF, LLP, corporate bodies, corporations, companies, Associations, club, and various societies are some of the taxable persons under the professional tax. All of them are treated as an individual person for the registration purpose with the P tax payment and professional tax department.

Individual Professionals:

Legal Practitioners including Notaries and solicitors, medical representatives including dentists and medical consultants, chartered accountant, doctors, management consultants, company secretaries, architectures, tax consultants, engineers, surveyors, and insurance agents.

Partners and Directors:

A person acting as company directors, the partner of designator and firm, LLP partners are also considered as professionals. Therefore to comply with the professional tax law, the partners and directors provisions are required to acquire registration within days of their appointment under PT Act.

As an Employer:

The employee should collect the salaried individual’s professional tax in the preferred state. It should be made once the employee salary and deposit with the professional tax department are deducted.

Why should you obtain Professional Tax Registration?

Statutory Requirement:

Employers in few states should obtain the p tax registration mandatorily, as well as deduct and pay tax in the interest of employees.

Easy Compliance:

Professional tax regulation with compliance is made easy. Acquiring the professional tax registration and maintenance of agreement is also made easy.

State Government Tax:

Local Authorities and State Governments are authorized to collect these type of professional taxes on trades, employment, callings, and professions. The professional tax amount raised will not get to exceed more than Rs 2500 per annum.

Tax Deductible:

The taxpayer can claim the deduction from the salary on professional tax account paid. The professional tax deduction will be allowed in the year in which the employee pays the tax.

Avoid Penalty:

Failure to acquire professional remit tax or register professional tax will result in penalties and fine that accrue over time.

How to file a Professional Tax Return?

Here are steps included to register your professional tax online.

One working day:

The professional applying for the Professional Tax should have their PAN card, identity cards; address proof of all company partners, proprietors, and directors. Apart from that, it’s also essential to furnish the employee details who are working with or under you.

Two Working Days:

The employees should fill the application form for professional tax, and they should be submitted by the professional affiliated to the concerned authorities. If you provide the documents in the right order and perfect way, the process will be completed within two working days.

Seven Working Days:

Aanoorglobal will provide the necessary acknowledgment within five to seven working days. If you fail to provide some documents or not offered in the right order, the inspector will ask for the records that are missing. The process will get completed once all the missed documents are submitted. The hard copy of the registration will be issued with ten days if you live in major cities. In case other less popular cities, it will take about 15 to 20 working days.

Why Aanoorglobal and how we help with Professional Tax Registrations?

We at Aanoorglobal help in Professional Tax Return Filing through the following steps.

Application Preparation:

Preparing applications are one of the muddling tasks as the formalities and terms are difficult when compared to others. Our experts in professional tax filing do the regular assessments of the client business and make a document with the requirements for tax applications with the respective state government.

Application form filling:

Our professional will complete filling the form and submit the filled form to the respective departments of the city or town in Tamilnadu.

Registration Process:

The application that is submitted will be scrutinized with the required information by the respective state government. Once the documents are perfect and proper, the professional tax registration will be done immediately.

Professional Tax in Tamilnadu:

  • The professional tax in Tamilnadu is imposed under the Municipalities, Municipal Corporation’s rule 1988, and town panchayat. The salaried income of the slab rates in Tamilnadu are
  • The amount payable for people who earn a monthly salary os less than Rs 3500 is not required to pay any amount. People who get income between Rs 3501 to Rs 5000 should pay Rs 16.66 per month, people with income between Rs 5001 to Rs 9000 will have to pay Rs 40 per month, people with salary between Rs 9001 to Rs 12500 needs to pay Rs 126.67 per month and people who get income above Rs 12501 should pay Rs 182.50 per month.
  • Are you ready for the Professional Tax Return Filing? Contact Aanoorglobal now if you need to register Professional tax in Tamilnadu at an affordable rate.