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Producer Company Registration

Are you ready for registering your new company? Producer Company Registration is best for people who are farmers engaged in agriculture. Producer company incorporation is to facilitate co-operative business as company by the agriculturists. Companies act section 581B clearly defines about Producer Company with its objective which is made more accessible with Aanoor Global.

Producer Company Registration


  • Digital signature and DIN
  • Name search and approval
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Company PAN Card

producer-companyWhat is Farmer Producer Company Registration?

A producer company holds a group of people who are having or one or more objectives which are related to the primary producer or involved by farmers in the production of agriculture products. It also means a corporate body that has activities or objects as listed under the Act. You can accept deposits and appoint agriculturists in the form of FD/RD and offer them distribute loans as well as maturity to your members and charge interest from them.


Producer Company Registration benefits

  • Producer companies provide greater credibility when compared to which is provided by unregistered organizations of farmers or agriculturists.
  • Only a duly registered producer company can own or sell a property in its original name.
  • Producer company provider’s different facilities of perpetuity and limited liability.
  • Changed in the producer’s brand of management can swiftly be made through few forms with the concerned ROC.
  • A registered producer company provides loans or accepts deposits to members or agriculturists at an affordable interest rate.

Conditions for Producer Company Registration

  • Two or more producer institutions
  • Combination of ten or more producer or individual institution.
  • Ten or more single person, each of them being creators or producers.
  • The minimal requirements include 5 directors and Rs 5 Lakhs paid up capital.

Documents required for producer company registration

  • Copy of rent agreement if rented property.
  • The director’s passport size photograph.
  • Copy of pan card of every director
  • Landlord NOC
  • The water or electricity bill of the business place.
  • The copy of property papers in case if it’s an owned property.

Farmer Producer Company Registration Procedure

Your producer company formation with easy by Aanoor team. Our experts guide you for producer company registration and process the registration of farmer Producer Company with easy steps.

Complete our form online for a New Register Producer Company

Fill every detail of you in our online form and submit the documents that are required for the incorporation procedure. Aanoor team will check with the details and reply back further details if required.

Obtain DIN and DSC

Applying for Digital Signature Certificate with authorized issuing authority and obtain the same by necessary procedure. File the DIN form signed by the applicant and certified by professionals to the Registrar and obtain the Director Identification Number (DIN). At Aanoor Global, we offer you with DIN and DSC. You need to provide your approval to proceed to the next step.

Name approval and verification

Our experts will verify all your documents and submit the name choice along with objective through RUN service in the portal. Get the approval of company name from registrar to further procedures.

Document Submission

We will create needed applications and MOA, AOA draft documents, and then file them with the ROC, and this takes a period of 5 to 10 days approximate to process the filed forms.

Producer Company Registration Certificate

Once the registrar verifies all filed forms and documents, you will be provided with an incorporation certificate, which means you are ready to start your business.