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Private Limited Company Registration

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Private Limited Company Registration


  • Digital Signature for Two Directors
  • DIN for Two Directors
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Company e-PAN, TAN
  • GST Registration

pvt-companyWhat is a Private Limited Company

As the name suggest, a Private limited company is formed by minimum of two members and maximum of two hundred members, the shares of which are held privately by the persons called as directors of the company. The Directors have limited liability to the creditors making it easy to start and raise funds. However they are monitored by the statutory bodies regulated by the Registrar of Companies (ROC).

Growing companies and start-ups choose a private limited company as it’s easy to raise fund outside, limit the shareholder’s liability and help them to provide employee stock option to make use of their talent.

Terms to be known to understand a Pvt Limited Company Registration

Company PAN

Separate PAN number needs to be obtained for the company.

Ministry of Corporate affairs (MCA)

The government department responsible for actions of Companies in India.


Individual or an Institution who holds at least one share of the company known as equity, and they are essential owners in a company.


The funding required to run the company commonly known as Authorised capital and Paid up capital. While Authorised capital is limited by Registrar of Companies, Paid up capital is the paid portion of the shareholders.


The persons who hold the authority to decide the activities in a company are called Directors of the company, provided with unique DIN (Director Identification Number).

Registrar of Companies (ROC)

The office under the MCA which primarily deals with companies and their operations with reference to the Companies Act 1956 and Companies Act 2013. Applications to form a company with below details need to be submitted to Registrar of Companies.


Benefits of a Private Limited Company Registration

  • Can be formed with limited resources as low as two directors.
  • Liabilities of the company are limited.
  • Stakeholders and investors have more confident when compared to proprietor Firms.
  • Need not hold any statutory meetings.
  • Shares of the company can be distributed and held with the promoters who also can be the directors of the company.

Documents required for new Pvt Ltd Company Registration

  • Directors Passport size Photograph.
  • Copy of Rental agreement in case of leased or rental office space.
  • Proof of office premises including provided by any statutory bodies including utility bills.
  • No Objection Certificate from Landlord to carry business in his premises
  • KYC documents of directors including identity and address proof.
  • In case of own property, documents related to the property required.

How to register a private limited company?

The private limited company incorporation procedure is simple with aanoorglobal! Here are five simple steps to register a company.


Approving your business name for Pvt Ltd Registration

Unique Name in which the company is proposed to be formed to be selected (with two alternative names) as per laid down regulations for choosing the name. The name provided needs to be suggestive and unique of the company businesses.


Application for DSC

The very first step is to make sure the partners have applied for the Digital Signature, which is an online signature that is used for filling. If the directors already hold a DIN and DSC, then continue with the next step.


AOA and MOA submission

Memorandum of Association (MOA): It contains details of the company such as name, authorised capital, name of the state in which it has been registered, objects and liability of the shareholders.

Articles of association (AOA): The document contains regulations controlling the internal management of the company including rights and powers of the directors, rules by which the company must abide, including the conduct of meetings and business to be transacted.

Consent form by the proposed directors to act as director of the company (Form DIR 2).DIN number also called as Directors Identification Number, needs to be obtained.

You need to draft Articles of Associate and Memorandum of association once your name for a business is approved. Both AOA and MOA are filed with the MCA along with the statement of subscription.


Get Pvt Limited Company Registration Certificate

After scrutiny of the submitted documents online, the ROC issues Certificate of Incorporation (COI).After receiving the COI, a private limited company need not wait for obtaining a Certificate of Commencement of Business (COC) and start the real business operation.

bank details

Opening of Bank account and Commencement of Business

Bank accounts can be opened basis of the registration certificate and PAN card of the company along with the directors KYC documents. The paid up share capital must be bought into your bank account from the shareholders, which must reflect in the statement which in turn needs to be submitted for e-filing and tax purposes.. The subscribed share capital should be reflected in Bank statement and the same to be filed e-form for commencement of business along with board resolution with Registrar of Companies.

pvt ltd registration

Basic Check points for Private Ltd Company Registration/formation

  • Minimum 2 directors required one of whom should be an Resident Indian.
  • Minimum 2 shareholders/members to maximum 200 members.
  • Minimum of 1 Lakh share capital required.
  • ROC compliance need to be complied every year.
  • Digital Signature of the directors needs to be obtained for newly registering directors.

Effects of Non- Registration of a Private Limited Company

  • If the company is not registered under ROC, while approaching for credit facilities with bank, it may not be able to prove them as secured creditor.
  • Also, while raising capital, it might not be able to create a trust and transparency of operations.

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  • Obtaining of GST certificate.

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