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Patent Registration

Patent registration helps to secure inventions, which are novel, inventive and involves shows and steps industrial application. Aanoor Global can help in acquiring a patent registration at an affordable rate.

Patent Registration package


  • Application drafting.
  • Prior Art Search.
  • Government Fees.
  • Application Filing.

patent-registrationWhat is the patent registration?

A patent registration enables you to get the patent of an intellectual property that is carried out by firm or individual. The Indian Government has initiated the IP department to grant you full authorization to register your invention (only if it’s unique) under patent.

In return, the inventor should provide all the proof related to the invention to the Government. It also makes sure that the creditor gets higher preference when compared to another person for your specific invention.


Criteria for filing a patent

  • Non Obvious/Inventive Step: If people who are skilled in that specific field would prefer the invention to be a surprising or unexpected development on the date of invention.
  • Novelty: New development is one crucial part, and this has not been published in India before the patent application filing date.
  • Industrial Applicability: Invention needs to be useful, and it can be used as per the industry requirements.

Benefits of Patent Registration

  • Sell or transfer patent right: Patent registration enables you franchise, transfer, or sell your patent. It will help in raising higher revenue
  • A patent secures invention: It is one of the intellectual properties that guarantee your inventions and also others to use it without permission.
  • Patent valid for 20 years: The invention gets secured for a specific period that enables you to secure your invention.
  • Get royalty by patent licensing.
  • You can then make use of your invention.
  • Stop others from making use of your invention without your permission.

How to register patent search?

Fill the patent application form

You need to fill all our patent form and give your necessary details about your invention that will be required and also provide the necessary documents required to go for signing of non-disclosure agreement.

Conducting patent search

We will perform a patentability search for you once we receive all the documents from your side. This process validates the uniqueness of your invention.

Prepare application

Based on your document and essential details, we help to draft the application of patent. This will happen within three working days.

Patent Submission

Once the review is complete, we will file the application of patent within the patent office in India, and this also will happen between 2 working days.

Completed work

Once you have submitted all patent applications and documents, you will get an acknowledgement from our side. The filed patent application without any objections in examination process can be approved.

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