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Partnership Firm Registration

Are you looking for partnership company registration? Here you go with the ease of set up, low costs; the requirements of minimal compliance make it the best option for the home businesses. Make your general partnership firm registration easier with Aanoorglobal!

Partnership Firm Registration


  • FORM C Registration
  • Deed of Partnership
  • Company PAN Registration
  • TAN/TDS Registration

comencement What is a General Partnership?

The most popular business entity in India for partner Entrepreneurs is the general partnership. Two or more people combined to form a business and the partners make use of the profits in an agreed ratio. The name provided to the Partnership Firm can be any to a partnership firm as long you match up the conditions like

  • The name of the business should not be identical or similar to a current firm which is managing the same company.
  • The business name should not contain words like a crown, emperor, empire or other words that show sanction or government approval

Documents required for Partnership Deed Agreement

  • Original copy of partnership deed which is signed by all partners.
  • Lease or rental agreement of the campus or property on which the business is set.
  • Form No 1 (Application for registration under partnership act)
  • The firm name and its business objective
  • Name of any other place where your business is carried out.
  • Copy of partners PAN card, Address Proof and other details.
  • Ownership proof of the business place.
  • The main place where your business is taking place.

Important facts about the formation of a Partnership firm Registration

  • The partnership firm is best suited for a small business which plain to remain low. General partnerships may or may not register their firm. The large company has lost its relevance with the incorporation of LLP (Limited Liability Partnership). It because LLP remains affordable of a partnership as well offer the advantage of unlimited liability, this means the partners should not be personally liable for the business debts.
  • A partnership should have a minimum of two partners. The bank business partnership firm can have a maximum of 10 partners, and people who are in other business can have a maximum of 20 partners. The partners will share the losses or profits equally or unequally based on the shares.
  • One significant benefit of choosing a partnership form is that there is no problem if you don’t register your partnership. A partner should sue to another one, or the company itself and the organization need to be logged. The firm requires to be registered if the partnership brings any suit to the court. In this case, it is recommended and better if larger businesses make the partnership deed registration.

Formation of a Partnership firm Registration Process

The procedure of registration of a partnership which includes of execution of deed and with other process is made easy with the following steps through Aanoor Global.

Complete the form Partnership Registration Online

Basic Information Requirement Document for Partnership (BIRD) needs to be filled with name of the entity and its objects, other relevant information. You need to fill your details in our simple form online and submit the documents required.

Documents verification for Partnership LLP Registration

Look for a dedicated expert to check your documents and submit them to us through WhatsApp or email. Firm Name and business objects along with by laws of the deed are finalized at this stage to process registration of an entity.

Documentsubmission for New LLP Registration

Our professional will complete the partnership firm deed drafting, TAN, PAN etc. are done and then files them with the right authority for New businesses.

Incorporation certification

Once the registrar verifies your documents, you will be provided with a partnership firm deed, FORM C certificate and PAN & TAN from the issuing authority to get started with your firm.

Commencement of Business

To start business transactions of the firm you can go for current account opening with the bank as you wish with support all the available registration documents. Here you are can start of your business cycle.