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SSI/MSME Registration

SSI or MSME Registration is now the Udyog Aadhar registration!

The micro, small and medium enterprises play an important role to be the part of the critical supply chain for services and products as well as an important piece of India’s legacy economic model. The sector plays a significant role in offering industrialization and large scale employment of backward and rural areas.

According to the NSS (National Sample Survey)73rd round, that was held in 2015-2016 states that there were more than 633.8 lakhs of non-agriculture and unincorporated organizations in the country and this deals to various economic activities offering employment to more than 12 crore workers.

It’s not mandatory to have SSI registration, but it’s suggested to micro, small and medium organizations to get them as it offers them with numerous benefits. Aanoor Global helps your business acquire UAM registration online to avail a host of advantages. Small scale industries online registration or MSME registration can be done with us quickly.


Different Types of MSME

There are three types of UAM registration namely Micro, small, and medium enterprises.

Micro Enterprises

The smallest entity is the Micro Enterprise. The investment of Micro Enterprises needs to be less than Rs 25 lakhs in machinery and plant as well as the micro enterprises should not exceed the investment of Rs 10 Lakhs.

Small Enterprises

The smaller manufacturing organization investment can be from Rs 25 lakhs and Rs 5 crore in machinery and plant. The limit of the financing for the small enterprises is between Rs 10 lakhs and Rs 2 crore.

Medium Enterprises

It is one of the medium enterprises which has an investment between Rs 5 crore and Rs 10 crore in machinery and plant. The limit falls between Rs 2 crore and Rs 5 Crore.


Micro Enterprises, Small Enterprises, Medium Enterprises, Shop Registration, LLPs, Private & Public limited companies are eligible.

How many days will it take to register MSME?

Aanoor Global will help you with UDYOG registration and make it done in a single day at a competitive price.

How to Register Udyog Aadhar?

Here is the registration process of Udyog Aadhar!


Apply MSME Online

The owner of the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises need to fill a form, and this can be done both offline or online. If you are doing it online, the applicant can do directly by visiting the official website https://udyogaadhaar.gov.in/UA/UAM_Registration.aspx


Requirement details for MSME

If you have multiple industries, then you need to make sure you prefer choosing Individual registration. In this form, the MSME has to self-certify the business activity details, its existence, ownership, bank account, employment details, and related information.

Document submission

Declaration for MSME

The individuals need to give their self-certified certificated during the process of registration. No registration fees are required for this process.


MSME Registration Certificate

Once you have filled the form, you can upload it online, and you will be provided with a register number. The number will be sent to your registered email id, and you need to make sure whether the UAN number provided is the same as the register number you received once uploading the form.

food license-document

Documentation required for MSME/UDYOG/SSI Registration

  • Name of Promoter/Owner.
  • Business Name.
  • Addres, Pan Card.
  • Previous Registration Details if any
  • Bank Details, Canceled Cheque.
  • Aadhar card, Mobile number and Mail Id.
  • Electricity Bill for Address Proof.
  • Any other Registration Certificate.

Benefits of MSME/SSI/UDYOG Registration

SSI registration offers to you right to get avail advantaged under the UDYOG scheme of the government. One of the best benefits of registration is that the government will include your business or company in the state and central government schemes. It leads to awareness about the complete government transparency working process as well as the newly arrived schemes. Multiple benefits of UDYOG registration includes.

Easy and quick Bank Loans

All the business and organizations are registered under the UDYOG can make use of the advantages regarding bank loans. The collateral free loans are provided by the banks where your property or business will not get pledged with the banks. SIDBI and Government both create an individual legal entity that works to execute this scheme on all small and medium organizations.

Quicker Approval from Central and State Govt Bodies

The small or medium businesses that are registered under the MSME are always provided with first preferences especially in terms of government certification and license.

Easy to open license registration or any other business bank account

The UDYOG registration certificate is one of the legal entity proofs of the company, so you will be able to open any current bank easily as well as make use of the current registration while registering for another license like GST and more.

Octroi Advantages

Small organizations have to pay reasonable and services Octroi, and this causes increased cost in some cases. The small enterprise can make use of the govt scheme that offers the Octroi refund easily.

Reservation advantages

The industrial act amended by the Government is where every business that is registered under the SSI can make use of this scheme, and this helps to improve your good production and employment opportunities.

Registration charges and Stamp Duty Waived Off

Previous all the organizations that expand their business in the SEZ or IT Park, they avail the advantages under the Stamp Act, but at present, the small organizations also can get benefited with this schema.

Various Subsidies on the Credit Rating and NSIC Performance

All the small enterprises can make use of the advantages of the subsidy on different expenses via NSIC performance under this scheme.

Tender access

Numerous government tenders are open only to SSIs to promote the participation of Small Businesses in India.

Affordable Infrastructure

Charges are lower for companies that are SSI registered for facilities like VAP and Electricity exemptions.

Reduction on Interest rate by major banks

Under this scheme, all important banks have the same policy regarding the loan for the SSI, and here you go.

20% of the total advance to small and micro enterprises should go for the enterprises that fall under manufacturing domain, and the enterprises have an investment between Rs 10 lakhs to Rs 25 lakhs in the plant and machinery, & also for enterprises that fall under services with equipment investment above Rs 4 lakhs.

  • Subsidy on the patent registration
  • Advantages in ISO Certificate
  • Concession in different bills
  • Security deposit waived off.
  • Get capital subsidy
  • Industrial Promotion subsidy

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