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Limited Liability Partnership

Are you looking for partnership business setup in India? LLP act that governs partnership form of business under Registrar of Companies. LLP company registration in India, LLP formation, LLP registration cost, limited liability partnership formation will be set up with professional guidance at affordable cost in India. The perfect professional services firm structure, such as ad agencies and financial advisors. Check out all about LLP Company registration in India from us!

Limited Liability Partnership Registration


  • Digital Signature for two designated partners
  • DIN/DPIN for two partners
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • LLP Agreement
  • LLP Agreement
  • PAN and TAN for LLP

llp-companyWhat is the LLP registration?

LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) is governed by the 2008 act of Limited Liability Partnership. It offers benefits of minimal maintenance and limited liability to its owners. The private limited company directors have limited liability to owners. In case of any defaults, the creditors or bank have no rights to sell the directors personal assets but can sell the assets of the company. LLP has become the best organization form among businessperson as it incorporates the advantages of company and partnership firm into a single type of organization.


Benefits of a LLP Registration

  • No partner is responsible for the misconduct of other partners.
  • Limit the partner’s liabilities.
  • Dual benefits for both the partnership and the company.
  • Affordable to incorporate when compared to a private limited company.
  • Separate legal entity and Audit not required
  • Uninterrupted existence, Owning property
  • Easy transferability, Limited liability

Documents required for limited liability partnership formation

  • The partner’s passport size photograph.
  • Copy of rent agreement in the case of the rented property.
  • Copy of property papers in case of owned property.
  • Copy of Identity proof.
  • The water and electricity bill of the business place.
  • Landlord NOC

Minimum requirements for LLP Registration Online

  • No Capital requirements
  • DIN/DPIN for all partners
  • Minimum 2 partners
  • At least one partner of your business should be an Indian resident.

The concerns related to LLP Company Registration

  • The LLP formation cost of minimum capital is about INR 1,00,000.
  • Public disclosure of details
  • The LLP formation can have at least 2 members.

LLP company registration in India Procedure

Approving your Business name

There should be one or two proposed names to be provided to the MCA. Subject to naming guidelines, MCA processing time, and availability, the name approval will be made within 2 to 5 working days.

Application for DPIN and DSC

Getting DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) is the first step for your company partner. You can obtain DPIN and DSC within couple of working days for all partners. In the case, if partners have DPIN and DSC, then you can go to the next step.

LLP Agreement

LLP agreement is vital in LLP as it determines the duties and mutual rights between LLP and partner as well as among the partners. The partners are a part of LLP agreement formation during the LLP registration and this has to be done by completes the form 3 available on the MCA portal. The procedure has to be followed up within 30 days of your business initiation.

LLP Registration Certification

Once the registrar approves your incorporation form, you will be LLP registered. Now you need to obtain the LLP incorporation certificate. You need to make sure you submit all required documents to the registrar. The time frame of obtaining LLP incorporation certificate is between two to twelve days.

Apply for Bank account, TAN and PAN

You need to apply for the company TAN and PAN with the NSDL once you get the incorporation certificate. With these documents you can go for current account opening to commence your business. LLP Registration, you can make it done around three weeks.