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FSSAI Registration

Are you in need of Food License? FSSAI Chennai is the most critical organization which governs and monitors the food businesses in India. FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) make sure about the food products and check whether they undergo best quality checks and therefore curtailing the sale and food adulteration of substandard products.

Food License Registration


  • Eligibility Consultation
  • Document Preparation
  • Application Filing
  • Government Fees
  • FSSAI Certificate

register-licenseFSSAI License Registration in Chennai?

FSSAI Chennai registration in mandatory compliance which is used to ensure the food authority in India will issue the quality of the food products and the Food Safety certificate. The FSSAI otherwise derived as the governing body marks business complaints with the food safety and standards Act, 2006 regulations.

The Food License is mandatory if you are running a food business. All the traders, restaurants, and manufacturers who are involved in the food business should acquire a 14-digit license number or registration that much be printed on your food packages.

This step is taken by the food registration and licensing system in Government to make sure the food products and other goods undergo regular quality checks so that it’s easy to reduce the instance of standard products, deterioration, and enhance the manufacturer’s accountability by providing a food service license. FSSAI online registration happens through the food license consultants of Aanoorglobal for central as well as primary level. The FSSAI registration for the state should be done in offline mode.

What are the types of FSSAI Licenses?

Businesses that are engaged in food products and activities need to apply for the licenses and therefore different types in them depending on the scale of business, turnover, the activity type, etc. The company can apply for simple registration or else the central or state licenses.

FSSAI Basic Registration:

The FSSAI basic registration is applicable for startups or small businesses that have an annual turnover of less than Rs 12 lakhs. This type of registration can be upgraded as your sales graph to the state licenses.

FSSAI State License Registration:

The FSSAI State license applies only to the companies that fall in mid-level that have the annual turnover of about Rs 12 to 20 crore.

FSSAI Central License Registration:

The FSSAI Central License is an application for large businesses that have a turnover of above Rs 20 crore. This is also needed in the case where you need to supply at the import or export food products and government offices.

What is the procedure for acquiring Online FSSAI Registration?

Here is a specific procedure every food businesses and other related food professionals should follow while registration.

Online form

Complete the form online

The first step is to fill a complete form where you will have to provide your food business details to the food and safety department.

verification document

Document verification

The skilled department professional will check the application after completion, and there are chances for both acceptance as well as rejection based on the quality you are submitting the form.

Document submission

Document submission

In the case of your application getting accepted from the department, then you will be provided a registration certificate with the applicant photo and registration number.


FSSAI Certificate

The FBO needs to display the registration certificate at the business place during the business hours prominently.

food license-document

What are the Food License documents needed to acquire the FSSAI License?

  • Completed Form B and signed one.
  • Proof of premises profession like a rental agreement.
  • List of food products included in your business.
  • FBO photo identity
  • Incorporation Certification, Articles of Association, Partnership deed and more.
  • Plan of Food Safety Management system.
  • Declaration Form
  • Water or Electricity Bill if it’s a business place
  • Voter identity card of partners, directors, and proprietor.
fssai registration-online

What are the Benefits of acquiring fssai license online registration?

  • Any business related to food items can get multiple benefits legally.
  • FSSAI logo can be used in your food package and therefore goodwill is formed among your customers.
  • Regulate storage, sale, manufacture, distribution, food import and much more.
  • The development and research sector is responsible for safety maintenance.
  • Setting up evidence proof for policy building is secure.
  • Builds consumer awareness.
  • Setting down science-based principles is easy.
  • There are new guidelines incorporated which are suitable for international enterprises.
  • There is an excellent chance of business expansion.
document-food license

What are the additional documents required for the Food License Certificate?

Here are some of the extra food license documents you will need.

  • List of Machinery and Equipment.
  • Pesticides residues report of water.
  • Layout/blueprint plan of the processing unit.
  • List and number of food category desired to be manufactured.
fssai license number

Few guidelines of FSSAI License Number:

Here are a few guidelines about the FSSAI License Number.

  • The 14 digit FSSAI License number gives the information about the registration or license details of the manufacturer and the manufacturing state that will be otherwise derived as FSSAI Number.
  • The brand owner has the right to display the logo of the FSSAI and the license number on the food package label.
  • The important can display their license number and FSSAI logo along with address, name and other details of the importer on a sticker to be affixed before clearing the customs in case of imported food products.
required-fssai license

Who requires an FSSAI License?

All food business operation which is having a business related food requires the FSSAI License as per the act of Food Safety Standard. Here are some examples of food businesses that need the FSSAI License. A dairy unit, vegetable oil processing unit, every food processing units including re-packers and re-labelers, slaughtering units, distributor, wholesaler, food catering, dhaba, transporter, hotel, restaurant, club/canteen, marketer, supplier, retailer, meat processing unit, and more.

verify license

How to verify License?

It’s easy to check for the FSSAI License number online and here you go.

  • Enter the 14 digits FSSAL License Number.
  • Get the necessary information by clicking on Check Validity.
  • Login with your details username and password.
  • Grab the information about your FSSAI License.

Frequently Asked Questions

FSSAI License should be renewed 30 days before the original license expiration date. You have to give your present food license number to the aanoorglobal team so that we will re-fill for the both for renewal of the license/application. It will typically take about 30 to 40 days to renew the FSSAI Registration license.

Yes! The FSSAI License is a must for both import and export of food products. You should apply for the central license for FSSAI for the export unit.

FSSAI Chennai Registration & Food license can be received through 3 simple steps namely.

  • Consultation and Documentation: it takes about one to two days. Our aanoorglobal Food License Consultant will contact you with the registration type, documentation, and eligibility.
  • Application filling and Approval: The second step takes about 3 to 4 days. You can sit back and focus on your business as Aanoorglobal experts are here to help in filling out your applications and registering them as soon as possible.
  • License Delivery: The last step takes about 5 to 7 days; here both the digital and hard copy license is delivered directly to the workplace.

Do you have a food business? Then it’s the right time to get your FSSAI license today. Contact Aanoorglobal now.