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Design Right Registration

Design Registration is used to secure original patterns, shapes, ornaments, and composition of lines and colors applied to any article by different industrial processes. Aanoor Global provides a secure method to acquire valid design registration at affordable rates.

Design right registration package


  • Filing and examination of the registered application of designs.
  • Audit of registered design and reviews of intellectual property.
  • Renovations of registered designs.
  • Registered design portfolio management.
  • Licensing and transfer agreements.
  • Searches to check the ability to make use of the product design.
  • Enforcement and infringement of registered designs.

essential-designWhat is the Design Right Registration?

Design registration is one kind of security of intellectual property under which newly created design establishing an article incorporated under an industrial process can be secured from counterfeiting. A registered design is a design monopoly when applied to an article and is provided permission under the country laws; the registered plan is filed in. The registered design enables the creator of that design to provide access to make, sell, offer for sale, exclude others from, and hire the design which is secured by the registered design.

Design Right Registration Procedure

We at Aanoor Global have extensive knowledge in the area of Intellectual Property Rights in India. The application for filing of Design are listed in three simple steps.

Application Preparation

Based on your requirement of the products/work or anything our team will identify and confirm with clients. Meanwhile our valid design registration professional will help you in preparing the application of your business, depending on the information and requirements provided.

Application filling

Once we have prepared the design right registration application, such as Form-1 for Design Application, Form-21 Power of Authority to Agent you need to sign it, and we will file it electronically and send to the design registrar.

Design Right Registration

Once the design application of registration is filed with the registrar, the government will process the application, and you can track your application status easily. The approved design application get it registered by the Controller of Patents & Designs.

essential-designEssential facts of Design Right Registration

  • File Professionally: It’s significant that a professional registration file of a design to make sure that the design is appropriately secured. An expert who is experienced can help to enhance the chances of successful design registration by addressing all factors of design acts and file a professional application.
  • Timeline: Post-filing of a design right registration application, it is significant to check the application status periodically until the process is made on the government side. The pattern registration application process different time-bound action or response from the applicant.
  • Government process: Filing a registration design application does not provide any registration guarantee on the design. It is the process of where the registration if offered only by the registrar depending on the premises and facts of each case.
  • Protection: List of all design valid registrations are published and maintained by the patent office to hold every competitor on notice regarding the design registration and also prevent the counterfeiting.

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