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Copyright Registration

In reality everyone wants to protect their own creative work whether it is artistic work, story content, sound recordings and any of these intellectual work should not copied by others. For those works we at Aanoor Global is a right place to protect your work and enjoy all legal rights for the same.

Copyright Registration


  • Consultation and Guidance
  • Application Drafting and Filing
  • Government Fees
  • Copyright Diary Number

copyright-registrationWhat is Copyrights Registration?

Copyright registration is taken place under the act of copyright 1957. It recognizes the creator who created the work and also it cannot be copied by anyone as well as does not restore the product uniqueness. There are numerous rights under the act like public communication, the rights of translation, adaptation, and reproduction of the work.

Copyright is the legal rights that have been offered to the owners of dramatics, artistic, literature, and musical work and even the sound recordings and producer’s film. Sometimes, even startups and businesses get copyright registration, which is relevant to user guides, product literature, and instruction manuals. Copyright registration is done through Aanoor Global at affordable rates!


What are the factors which are protected under online copyright registration?

  • Literary works like computer, websites, written books etc.
  • Musical works like melodies.
  • Published editions, Movies, Films, and telefilms
  • Performance, Dramatic works like scripts for drama and films
  • Artistic works like photographs and paintings.
  • Recorded sounds, Broadcast on television and radio.
  • Personal details, date of publication, and nature of work are few details needed for copyright registration.

Benefits of Copyright Registration

  • Intangible Asset
  • Legal Protection
  • Various Legal Rights
  • Branding and Goodwill
  • Global protection
  • Restricts unauthorized reproduction

Procedure for Register Logo Copyright

Here you are at the place where you can come to know the steps involved in filing of copyright application online and get the copyright dairy number through Aanoor team made easy and affordable.

Application requirement Copyright Registration

We will collect basic information requirement document from Aanoor team. The expert team will coordinate with you for necessary search and documentation will be initiated.

Documentation drafting

Every application needs to be signed by the applicant and the advocate in whose favor of POA or a vakalatnama has been executed. The application for copyright requirements are fulfilled.

Copyright application filing

The applicants should fill with all required details in Form IV and then the request is sent to the registrar along with the fees as mentioned. The registrar will provide you with a diary Number, and then you need to wait for 30 days for any objections to be delivered.

Objection and hearing of Copyright Application

If the applicant did not receive any objections within 30 days, then scrutinizer will check the application for the discrepancy. The registration will be done successfully in the case of no discrepancy, and then the extract will be sent further to the registrar for the entity in the copyright registration.

In case if there is any objection received, the examiner will send a receipt copy to both the parties regarding the complaints and will provide them both with a hearing.

Completion of Copyright Registration

Once the hearing is completed, if the objectives are resolved and then the same process will be followed as above and where you can obtain the copyright registration certificate. In case if there are still objections, then the examiner will reject the copyright application.

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