Trademark Registration

  • Trade mark owns Brand value / Good will
  • Brand name protected against misuse of Trade Mark by third party
  • TM - Once TM Application for the brand name is filed in IPR, the applicant can make use of TM Symbol, which denotes pending registration
  • SM - Service Mark also the same like TM. It represents brand which provides service rather than product
  • R - Registration symbol can be used when the brand is registered and Certificate of registration issued by the TM Registrar
  • Trademark Registration

    The Intellectual Property in India provides registration varied in types such as Patents, Designs, Trade Marks and Geographical Indications. The importance of intellectual property in India is well established at all levels- statutory, administrative and legal.

    A Trade Mark is represented as a word, phrase, symbol or design, or combination of words, phrases, symbols or designs is used in the course of trade which identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods or services of one enterprise from the others. Trade mark protects the brand and promotes the business to the customers through brand name. So it benefits the both of them.

    Benefits of Trade Mark

  • Registered Trade Mark owns Brand value / Goodwill.
  • The registered Trade Mark provides protection against misuse of Trade Mark by third party.
  • The registered Trade Mark can be easily transferred or licensed.
  • The registered Trade Mark also motivates the sales by assuring the quality, quantity and genuineness of the product.
  • Gives a monopoly right to use the Trade name
  • Statutory right to sue in court.
  • Easier to prove contravention and to recover damages for infringer
  • Steps to Register

  • Initial level discussion between the entrepreneurs and the Aanoor Global team.
  • Search for the brand name under classification of goods and services given by the client.
  • Once TM search successful, sending the power of attorney document to the client.
  • Once the Power of attorney document has been received from the client, proceed with the filing of applications.
  • Sending filed application to client.