Limited Company

  • Separate legal entity & Limited liability
  • Businesses can raise large capital
  • Shares of the business are freely transferable
  • Limited Company

    A public limited company is a company which is not a Private Limited Company. Public Limited Company is the one that is able to offer its shares to the public. Advantages of a public limited company would include; profits are bestowed upon the company's shareholders, there are improved national insurance benefits, easy to transfer interest in business through ownership of shares. Minimum value of shares as Authorized Capita to be issued (in India) is Rs. 500000.


  • There is limited liability for the shareholders.
  • The business has separate legal entity. There is continuity even if any of the shareholders die.
  • These businesses can raise large capital sum as there is no limit to the number of shareholders.
  • The shares of the business are freely transferable providing more liquidity to its shareholders.
  • Registration of a Limited Company

  • Initial level discussion between the entrepreneur and the Aanoor Global team.
  • Getting DSC [DIGITAL SIGNATURE CERTIFICATE] to all Directors for digital authentication of the forms to be filed with Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  • Getting DIN [DIRECTOR IDENTIFICATION NUMBER] is a pre-requisite for incorporation process for all Directors.
  • Company name availability and draft Object Clause confirmation from client.
  • Filing of Form for Name Approval & Incorporation to the concern ROC [Registrar of Companies] where the client's registered office going to be situated.
  • Getting the Company Incorporation Certificate (Registration) , Memorandum & Articles with PAN and TAN from the Registrar.
  • Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum of Three Directors and Four Shareholders required. Directors and Shareholders may be same.
  • Minimum share capital should be Rs. 5,00,000 /- [five lakh rupees].
  • Require Documents PAN Card, Address & ID proof of all Directors.
  • Address proof of proposed registered office address for registration of company.
  • Limitations

  • There are lot of legal formalities required for forming a public limited company. It is costly and time consuming.
  • In order to protect the interest of the ordinary investor there are strict controls and regulations to comply. These companies have to publish their accounts.
  • The original owners may lose control.