Import Export Code (IEC) Registration


Are you into importing or exporting goods? If so, you should have an Import Export License legally. The IEC code Online is a ten digit code issued by DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade). Every businesses and organization that are engaged in export and import of goods need to register import export code mandatorily.

The IE code is valid for lifetime, and therefore you need not to worry about renewing or other issues. Any importers or exporters will not be able to import or export the good without this IEC code registration, and the people can take advantage of exports from Directorate General of Foreign Trade customs and Export Promotion Council if they do not hold the IEC Code.

The importers should be quoted while clearing the customs. Apart from this, the bank also needs this importers IE code when they require sending money abroad. The exporters should also quote the IE code when sending shipments. The bank will need the IE code of the exporters when they are receiving money from foreign countries. A perfect IEC Code agent can correctly do the Import and export license registration through LegalRaasta.

Benefits of Registering an IE Code

There are multiple advantages of registering an IE Code for both importers and exporters, here you go!

No return Filing

IE code does not need any filling of return. There is no other procedure to be followed to maintain the IE Code validity once you have been issued with the IE code. There is no chance for any fillings needed to DGFT even if export or import transaction occurs.

Proprietors with IE Code

Even independent persons who are business proprietors can acquire this IE code in their own name. You need not to start a business entity for acquiring this IE code.

Exporters with IE Code

All exporters who export services or goods from India should mandatorily have an IE code. The code needs to be quoted when sending any shipments. Similarly, the bank needs exporters IE code when receiving the money from foreign countries.

Lifetime-No renewal

IE code is issued for a long time that’s for life, and therefore you need not to renew them. The entity can use it for all export and import transactions without any further difficulties.

Business Expansion

IEC assist you in taking any products or services to the universe and helps in business growth.

Easy Processing

Obtaining IEC code registered from the DGFT can be within a short period of 10 to 15 days of submitting the application form. The people who apply are not required to provide import or export proof gets the IEC code.

How to Apply IEC code

People can file an FSSAI application with the government directly, but this process is long and requires at least 60 days to get completed. Here are some of the steps you can follow to apply the IEC code

What are the Documents required in respect of Proprietor, director, partner, and individual?

  • Passport size photograph.
  • Authorization letter if you are in partnership with another member.
  • Authority from the rest of your company directors.
  • Self Declaration or Board Resolution.
  • A canceled cheque of an independent person.
  • PAN Card copies.
  • Aadhar card, voter ID card or any other identity card copies.
  • Partnership deed copy.
  • Telephone bill in the name of an independent person in case of an individual.

Documents required for IEC Code Registration in case of Entity

  • PAN Card Company or firm copy.
  • Rent agreement copy.
  • Canceled firm cheque.
  • Telephone bill in the name of the business.
  • Incorporation certificate.
  • AOA and MOA
  • Property Papers copy.
  • Landlord NOC.
  • Water or electricity bill of the business place.
  • Service Tax Returns copy in case of proprietorship.
  • Bank Statement of Company or firm.
  • One letter company head.


There is no tax levied on Import Export code, but customs duty may be collected. It is based on the imported and exported products category, and this can be readily present at the website of the customs department.
Yes! You can download the duplicate copy if you have taken an IE Code certificate in new process e-IEC online. Login to the portal of IEC, enter your username details and download them. You have to re-apply for the IEC with all documents if you have taken the IE code in the physical process. DGFT will offer you a new certificate in the present online format.
  • 1. A person who import or export goods for personal use and not for business purpose.
  • 2. Departments of central government or Ministries.
  • 3. A person who import or export goods from and to particular areas and does not exceed about Rs 25,000 in the single assessment.
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Once you have completed every required document, DGFT analyzes everything and provide you with an IE Code within 5 to 10 working days if the certificate is perfect.

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