Trust/NGO Registration

Trust and NGO Registration

The Trust can be registered under the India Trusts Act, 1882. Trust can be formed by executing a Trust Deed by the Author/Creator of the Trust. Such Trust Deed should be registered under stamps and registration act with the authorities having jurisdiction over the trust. The stamp duty varies from state to state.

Need the following to form a Trust,

  • Name of the trust & Address of the trust
  • Objects of the trust(charitable or Religious).
  • One settler of the trust & Two trustees of the trust.
  • Property of the trust-movable or immovable property (normally a small amount of cash/cheque is given to be the initial property of the trust, in order to save on the stamp duty).

    Preparation of a Trust Deed on stamp paper of the requisite. The stamp duty varies from state to state

    The executed Trust Deed can be registered with the Local Registrar under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882.